Creating visual art, contrary to what many would assume, is not solely a visual act. To do it well, images and language assist each other in a symbiotic quest for meaning in the artist’s mind. In my view, neither images nor words alone are satisfying means of exploration.

Writing has been an important aspect of my work from the very beginning. For a long time I wrote about issues and themes that concerned me and that played a role in my visual explorations. For much of 2013, I explored the intersections of art, ecology and technology in a blog called The Worm. More recently, I have turned to fiction.

Below are some of my essays up to the fall of 2013. Since that time I have written two short stories (Walk for the Apocalypse, 2013 and The Fool, 2015), a feature-length screenplay (Ascent to Obsidian, 2016), and an autobiographical novel (The Call of the Chimera, 2017). All remain unpublished, except for copies to a few close friends and family members. I expect that when the time is right I will begin to release some or all of it, but for the time being I am keeping this story world close to home as I consider expanding it further into one or more novels.



Welcome to the Jungle, 2013

Confronting the Device, 2013

The Artist in the Age of Contraction, 2013

System, 2012

The Triumph of Democracy, 2007